Yesterday, there was a despicable demonstration of terror supporters at the Hebrew University. we stood in front of them, students, Im Tirtzu activists, influencers, and many good people, and conveyed the only message they needed to understand - Am Israel Chai!

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Yesterday we stood confidently against students who support terrorism at the Hebrew University who shouted harsh slogans against the State of Israel.


Lior Cohen, deputy head of Im Tirtzu student cell at Hebrew University, responded to the disgraceful protest of terror-supporting students on campus.

Im Tirtzu students and activists stood up to these terror supporters by waving flags and singing Hatikvah


And this was our response today!

Thank you to everyone who participated, waved flags, cheered, shared, and supported. We will not stop defending the State of Israel and the IDF soldiers.   Am Israel Chai! 🇮🇱


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