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Tirtzu Team

Matan Peleg

CEO of Im Tirtzu
Born 1981, married +3
Responsible for leading Im Tirtzu to victory.
Master’s degree in Conflict Resolution.
Author of 2 books – “Between Rishikesh and the Temple Mount” and “State for Sale”.
My Zionist work is to protect the Jewish and Zionist identity of the country.

Alon Schvartzer

Head of Policy
[email protected]

Born in 1986, married + 3
Responsible for Im Tirtzu policy
Bachelor’s degree in Humanities and Social Sciences, Master’s degree in Geography and Urban Planning.
My Zionist work in the movement encourages and contributes to increasing knowledge on issues related to the movement’s activities.

Sheila Brezinski


[email protected]

Born in 1982, married + 3
Economic and general strategy, budget construction and supervision, management of the association’s affairs and approvals, human resources management.
Master’s degree in Nonprofit Management, Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration – University of Buenos Aires.
I fulfilled my Zionist dreams and immigrated to Israel with my husband in 2008. At the beginning of my journey in Im Tirtzu I was an activist and coordinator of foreign students in the Jerusalem branch.

Shai Rosengarten

Deputy Director

[email protected]

Born in 1994, married + 1

Responsible for the concentration of all student activists of the movement in all branches on campuses in Israel, and for all field activity in the movement.

Previously a presenter and editor at Channel 20 (now 14), graduated with a bachelor’s degree in information technology engineering, and a master’s degree student in public policy. Serves in the reserves at the rank of captain.

My Zionist action is to raise the Zionist elite of tomorrow from the campuses and to take care of an environment free of anti-Zionism and support for terrorism on campuses throughout the country.

Matan Jerafi

Head of Tree Planting and On-Ground Projects

[email protected]

Born in 1987, single

Documenting anarchists who come to harass IDF soldiers, working for the preservation of Area C lands, preservation of the Land of Israel, strengthening of agricultural farms.

Bachelor’s degree in Media and Middle East, studying for a Master’s degree in public policy.

My Zionist activity sends a message to the anarchists and the extreme left that there are those who stand up to them with pride and are not ashamed of being Jews and Zionists.

Yohnatan Shai

Head of Israel Advocacy

[email protected]

Born in 1988, married + 2

Responsible for the projects “Know the Disturber” and “Photographing the Photographers,” “Treating the Soldiers” and “The Salon for Zionist Thought.”

Graduated with a BA degree in Government and Diplomacy, and an MA degree in European Studies (Economics and European Integration).

My Zionist work in the movement is expressed in the implementation of effective and educational Zionist propaganda, which is first and foremost “inwardly” to the people of the national camp when we do not feel the desire to “explain” ourselves to the outside and justify ourselves to the nations of the world.

Dov Trachtman

Head of Digital

[email protected]

Born in 1991, single

Responsible for reporting on Im Tirtzu activities and harnessing the public through social networks

Towards the end of a master’s degree in Cultural Leadership and Entrepreneurship, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Culture – Creation and Production.

My action in the movement is to return the values of Zionism to the center of discourse in Israeli society.

Natan ben Shushan

Head of Israeli Public Relations and Donations

[email protected]

Married +2

Responsible for summarizing the movement’s activity and updating Im Tirtzu supporters. Studies as part of the Hasedar Yeshiva and a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Administration.

My Zionist work in the movement is to bring to the supporters of Im Tirtzu the ongoing activities of the movement to maintain the identity of the Jewish, Zionist and democratic state.

Hadas Dubrawsky

Director of External Relations

[email protected]


Responsible for all external communications, donor relations, and translations

Studying international relations at Hebrew U

My Zionist activity in Im Tirtzu is to promote Israel and Zionism to the wider world and support our goals with Jews from across the globe.

Matan Asher

Spokesman of Im Tirtzu

[email protected]

Born in 1989, single

Responsible for all media coverage. Bachelor’s degree in Law and Political Science.

My Zionist action in the movement is to make sure that all the people of Israel know what is happening under the surface and how each and every one can act to ensure the future of the only Jewish state in the world.

Almog Keshti

Deputy Head of Public Relations

[email protected]

Born in 1986, married
Responsible for the relationship with donors and supporters and assisting the representatives of Im Tirtzu in their work. Bachelor’s degree in Archeology and Hebrew language.

My Zionist activity in the movement is a contribution to the Zionist vision.

Debbie Fuchs

Graphic Designer

[email protected]

Born in 1998, single

Responsible for website design and posters for events belonging to Im Tirtzu. Graphic Design and Website Building Studies.

My Zionist action in the movement is to convey the values and messages of the movement through design.

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Chen Carmel

English Digital
[email protected]

Born in 1978, married + 4
Responsible for the entire English digital field. Social networks, YouTube, Im Tirtzu’s website in English.
Graduate of communication studies.

My Zionist activity in the movement is to spread the truth about Israel to the world.

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