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Students? We're looking for you.

Who are we?

The academic wing of Im Tirtzu is responsible for operating the student branches of Im Tirtzu on campuses throughout the country. Im Tirtzu operates student branches with the understanding that today’s students are the leaders of tomorrow and they are at a crucial stage in shaping their worldview.

What are we doing?

Im Tirtzu enables students in the branches to learn, initiate and develop through a variety of activities: volunteering in the community, supporting IDF soldiers, meetings with bereaved families and Holocaust survivors, participation in ideological seminars and lectures, and of course activism and social work for the Zionist vision of the movement.

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The Importance of the Zionist Academia

Academia in the State of Israel has been suffering for many years from the influence of anti-Zionist and anti-Israel lecturers and teaching staff. Many of the students understand that this is a dangerous phenomenon, but they are afraid to speak and present their views, for fear of being harassed. Im Tirtzu allows them to get to know the Zionist ideology and the facts on the ground, to meet closely with Zionist leaders and with the Israeli public, and thus gain the power to stand up to lecturers and faculty members who control their opinion in academia.

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Im Tirtzu is looking for you

For details and questions, please contact Shay Rosengarten, National Student Coordinator  052-8028275

No longer students? You can still help us

Our movement provides students with the financial backing and professional guidance they require.
We take care of funding lectures, tours, and seminars for our students.
We provide scholarships and grants to leading Zionist students and provide legal backing with the assistance of professional lawyers to students who need assistance as a result of their Zionist activities.
All these and more require your generous help. We will be happy to receive financial assistance in any amount.

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The donations are recognized for tax purposes, according to Section 46. The receipt will be sent to your email immediately after donating

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