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Im Tirtzu is the largest Zionist movement in in Israel, and according to former head of the Shin Bet Carmi Gilon “the most influential movement on the agenda in Israel in recent years.” (Yediot Ahronoth 23.8.2018)
Im Tirtzu is an NGO (non-governmental organization) that works to strengthen and promote the values of Zionism in Israel. We were established in 2007 in the wake of the Second Lebanon War by intellectuals, students and reservists, who reacted against the continuing demonization of the IDF and the State of Israel that they encountered in their university classes.
The mission of Im Tirtzu is:

  •  to work for the ongoing renewal of Zionist discourse, thought and ideology;
  •  to secure the future of the Jewish people and the State of Israel;
  •  to strengthen Israeli society in the face of the challenges it faces.

Besides the management team, the members of the movement are mostly volunteers from all over the country. There are secular, religious, and members of other sectors. Everyone to whom Zionism speaks and is important to him will find a home with us. Im Tirtzu operates about 20 student branches throughout the country, from Tel Hai College in the north to Beer Sheva University in the south, and in addition about 33 civilian branches all over the country. In addition to this, the movement has several forums where dozens of volunteers and members of the movement are active, who deal with a wide variety of Zionist issues.

  • The activity of Im Tirtzu is dual pronged and is based on the wisdom of “Turn away from evil and do good” (Psalms 12:10).
    “Turning away from evil” requires an ongoing struggle against the delegitimization of Israel by Israeli organizations and individuals who strive to erase the state’s Jewish and democratic identity, demonize IDF soldiers, and work to invite international pressure on the State of Israel.
    Notable in this regard have been :
  • Our efforts to identify and call out ant-Zionist Israeli academics, by making sure that in our “Know your Professor” website, prospective students are aware of these academics’ activities to delegitimize the State of Israel.
  •  We confront anarchists and BDS supporters seeking to harass our soldiers at checkpoints and sensitive locations. Our “Filming of the Filmers” has significantly reduced our soldiers’ pressure from harassment.
  •  We work to expose the activities of the Islamic movement in Jerusalem and to expose students who call for violence and support for terrorism.
    Achievements in “Turn away from evil”:
    In recent years, the movement has led to:
  • Banning of organizations that support those who have refused IDF service to enter schools,
  • Filing of indictments against instigators on the Temple Mount
  •  Suspension of professors who called students who served in the IDF “murderers”
  • Reduction of the parole conditions of terrorists in prisons
  • Expansion of transparency laws of the non-profit organizations in Israel that receive funding from foreign governments for political purposes
  • Removal of foreign activists who came to Israel to harass IDF soldiers, and more.
    These efforts can be summed up as the fight against post-Zionism and anti-Zionism within Israel itself.
    On the ‘doing good’ side, we undertake both timely activities as well as ongoing activities that are relevant and valuable in any environment.
    Among the timely activities have been our extensive efforts to provide needed gear and equipment for our IDF soldiers in the aftermath of the October 7th attacks. In addition, we have been extensively planting young fruit trees on Jewish farms, as a way of protecting them against land theft and usurpation.
    Among more traditional activities have been very numerous seminars, lectures and fairs all designed to bring our young future leaders closer to their Zionist heritage. We publish articles, conduct tours and seminars, and make masterpieces from the Zionist bookcase available by uploading them to the Internet in audio recordings for free download.
    We also support non-Jewish minorities who are seeking to integrate into Israeli society.
    Besides our campus and community related activities, we have been visible and impactful in our Knesset. We established a caucus that engages and encourages Knesset members in the fight against delegitimization.
    Finally, we seek to educate our fellow citizens in Zionist history and values, as well as current events.
    Our efforts to inform our citizens have often been visible and impactful. We have taken a leading role in exposing the agendas of Israeli-based anti-Israel organizations, as well as revealing their great financial dependence on European organizations which use these Israeli groups to try influence Israeli policy makers and the Israeli public.
    Achievements in the field of “doing good”:
  • The movement succeeds in stimulating the Zionist discourse and its importance on campuses throughout Israel
  • Trains thousands of students to become activist citizens for Zionism, including members of minorities who serve in the IDF.
  • We bring thousands of citizens on tours in Hebron and Jerusalem
  • Plant tens of thousands of trees throughout Judea and Samaria
  • Publishes books, articles, studies and position papers
  • Promotes the rights of reservists in legislation, and creates a fashionable and active Zionist culture.

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