Planting 150 Trees at ‘Spirit of the Land’ Farm – Special Thanks to Im Tirtzu Movement

At the 'Spirit of the Land' farm in Mitzpe Dani, a heartwarming event of national collaboration took place as the Im Tirtzu movement, in partnership with the Lapidot Youth Academy, dedicated a massive effort to benefit nature and the environment.

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This moving ceremony was the result of the generous donation from the Im Tirtzu movement, contributing 150 trees for planting at the farm. Collaborating with the Lapidot Youth Academy, the planting took place on the side of the mountain, an endeavor led by the youth group in Mitzpe Dani.

In a special video dedicated by the ‘Spirit of the Land’ farm, the extensive audience participating in the event can be seen, expressing gratitude and joy for this special gift. Thanks were extended to the Im Tirtzu movement and the Lapidot Youth Academy for their extensive efforts towards the environment.

Additionally, the video emphasized gratitude to the youth who participated in the tree-planting activity, signifying the future of the land and all its inhabitants. The profound message of partnership and volunteering was woven through words and images, encouraging viewers to continue promoting collaborative efforts for the environment and the community.

Thank you for your contribution and steadfast partnership in preserving nature and the environment!

Please follow and stay tuned for more updates and future plantings.

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Source: ‘Spirit of the Land’ Farm, Mitzpe Dani

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