Israel’s presence is strengthened with the planting of hundreds of trees in Otniel

In the heart of Otniel, nestled in the southern region of Mount Hebron, a transformative effort is underway. The landscape, once again, is witness to the tireless dedication of locals engaged in planting hundreds of trees.

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In the heart of Otniel, in the southern area of the Hebron Hills, Im Tirtzu movement, together with the community and youth, planted hundreds of trees today (Thursday). The aim is not only to strengthen Otniel but also to echo a broader national sense of resilience amidst ongoing challenges such as the war in Gaza.
“Our focus cannot be only on war,” said Matan Peleg, the movement’s chairman.
The strength of the Israeli presence must permeate throughout the country. Otniel serves as a microcosm of this great effort.
This effort, planting tree by tree, embodies a broader strategy. It symbolizes not only a local effort, but a reflection of a united position to strengthen Israel’s grip on the country.
Each plant represents a renewed commitment, a step towards resilience, and a testament to the unwavering spirit of the Otniel community and its dedication to the wider Israeli landscape.


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