Im Tirtzu activists made sure to bring equipment that was lacking for the fighters in Karmei Tzur

It's a great privilege to care for our soldiers. Thanks to your donations, we can ensure they stay warm and protected while they defend us

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We arrived at the Gush Etzion base and distributed warm clothing, hats, and winter gear to the soldiers there so they could better cope with the harsh cold. We brought backpacks filled with warm woolen clothes—sweatshirts, thermal pants, gloves, and woolen hats. Some of the soldiers needed larger sizes of clothing, so our activist went to bring another backpack full. The weather was extremely stormy and freezing, but it didn’t stop us from ensuring that all the soldiers received exactly what they needed.

It was an honor for us to treat these brave soldiers and provide them with some warmth and love during this cold period. They protect us daily with selflessness, so we want to give back some of their love. We’ll continue to gather donations to provide them with all their needs throughout the winter— together we’ll dispel the darkness with light

Please help us continue to support our soldiers and provide them with all the equipment they need.

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