The support lines of the “Im Tirtzu” movement persist, providing crucial aid to fighters in Israel.

Im Tirtzu movement continues to provide crucial and central responses to the needs of soldiers and to support the struggles in Israel, all while warming hearts and fervently responding to the necessity.

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Over an extended period, the movement has been supplying diverse equipment, including fleece, tents, tactical gear, and Go-Pro cameras. The recipients, in their messages, express deep gratitude for the donations, emphasizing their significance and the heartening support they provide to their work. The donations from “Im Tirtzu” receive special emphasis among the recipients, who highlight their critical importance in defending communities and supporting soldiers in the land of Israel. Acknowledging the warmth and care sent by “Im Tirtzu,” they express love and gratitude for the ongoing assistance. The donations are seen as vital tools enabling soldiers to fulfill their roles. Recipients express immense gratitude for the consistent support, recognizing it as an integral and significant part of the genuine support they receive during critical times.

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