Safeguarding Israel – Opposing Anarchy

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In response to the increasing violence and anti-Zionism exhibited at the anti-Netanyahu protests, Im Tirtzu launched a nationwide campaign aimed at standing with the police and against the growing anarchy and violence.

The protests, which began as a legitimate expression of concern against the government’s COVID-19 regulations, were soon hijacked by radical actors who engage in violence, harass police officers, promote anti-Zionist rhetoric, and flout the COVID-19 regulations.

Last week, radical protestors even attacked journalists from the right-wing news station Channel 20 who were covering the protests. They physically assaulted the reporters and producers and tried to prevent them from reporting.

In light of this, we decided to bring our campus branches to their surrounding communities and to form civilian branches, which film and expose the protests and stand in support of our police officers.

We also distributed hundreds of banners throughout the country reading “Safeguarding Israel – Opposing Anarchy.”

Legitimate protests against the government and prime minister – yes; violence and anarchy – no!


“Safeguarding Israel – Opposing Anarchy” banners on homes across the country


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