Im Tirtzu activists at Haifa University: Allowing terror supporters back to studies is unacceptable

While the University of Haifa made a shameful decision to allow students who expressed support for Hamas to return to their studies, we stood in front of the main building, loudly proclaiming: 'It is forbidden to allow supporters of terrorism back to their studies!

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Students at Haifa University, led by Samuel, chairman of the Lavi cell, in collaboration with the Im Tirtzu movement and concerned peers, have staged a protest. Their outcry? The reinstatement of individuals sympathetic to terrorism within the university’s academic sphere.

Directly addressing the university heads, their primary emphasis is on maintaining a zero-tolerance policy towards those endorsing terrorism or advocating violence against Jews in a Jewish state.

Central to their protest is the discrepancy they highlight in the university’s disciplinary measures. While students caught cheating face suspension, those aligned with terrorism are being readmitted through a process of reconciliation. This inconsistency in treatment has fueled their fervent dissent.

The group openly questions the university’s rationale behind reinstating individuals who endorse terrorism. They demand immediate action against such support, aiming to hold the institution accountable for its decisions.

Their resounding message is crystal clear: permitting individuals sympathetic to terrorism to attend classes alongside others is utterly unacceptable. The protest serves as a collective stand against allowing ideologies promoting violence to infiltrate the academic environment.

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