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We are very proud to have been one of the leading organizers of the Jerusalem Flag March that took place last week.

The march was an incredible and joyous celebration of the reunification of Jerusalem. For us, it was also an important strategic victory against Hamas. By standing tall and exposing their empty threats, we sent a clear message that the people of Israel are strong and that Hamas is not the “protector of Al-Aqsa and Jerusalem” that can dictate where Jews can or cannot go.

As was noted by experts following Arabic social media, the march was a harsh blow to Hamas’ morale that will mitigate their will to fight in the future out of fear of being humiliated once again.

“Deconstructing the Jerusalem Flag March” – Op-ed by our Chairman of the Board Douglas Altabef.

“Five takeaways from the Jerusalem Flag March” – Op-ed by our Director of External Relations & Development Eytan Meir.


Listen to Im Tirtzu’s Eytan Meir Talk With BBC About the March

Watch Im Tirtzu CEO Matan Peleg Discuss the March With Ynet, Israel’s Most Popular News Site, in Front of the Damascus Gate

Watch: Live Videos from the March


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