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הציונות הלכה לאיבוד – אם תרצו הינה תנועה שרוצה להחזיר את הציונות למרכז. לדבר עברית, להניף את הדגל, לשיר את ההמנון, להסתובב כחול לבן בירושלים, בלי בושה. לדעת ולהרגיש שארץ ישראל היא הבית שלנו. המהפכה הציונית השניה, מחזירים את הציונות למרכז!

This year IMTI helped organize a ceremony in Bnei Brak commemorating the Haredi soldiers who fell fighting in Israel’s wars.

Recently, IMTI was contacted by the Haredi faction of the Likud who asked for assistance in organizing the ceremony. The group first organized the ceremony last year, but the small turnout was drowned out by a large amount of extreme Haredi protesters who chased them away.

This year the ceremony more than doubled in size, with dozens of people arriving to pay their respects, including Minister Ayoob Kara. The extreme protesters who arrived to disrupt the ceremony were quickly evicted by the police, who were notified in advance.

Im Tirtzu makes it a point to assist Israeli minorities who wish to integrate into Israeli society. Given this, it was important for us to support those in the Haredi community who support the State of Israel and enlist in the IDF.

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