Nakba Nonsense

Nakba Nonsense: The booklet that fights for the truth.

The Palestinian Refugee Lie

This book exposes the public facts about the “Palestinian refugee problem” in order to point out one of the most serious fraud led by the UN against Israel ever, and that takes a significant part in perpetuating the refugee problem and leverage this issue as a tool to destroy the State of Israel.

The Legal Right to the Land of Israel

This booklet is designed first and foremost to the Israeli public. Alfnio, one would assume that the Israeli public would be familiar with the arguments and facts presented in this booklet, but in reality Inez so. The average Israeli reader will reveal new information from the database and be surprised, this is because this material has not been presented to him, not in the school system, not the media or various Israeli academia. At the same time, it is anti-Israel propaganda wheels act more forcefully promoting a biased narrative that does injustice to the truth. Yes, this means Slsfron multifold. We want to show the reality as it is to the reader, for the sake expand knowledge and know the facts. The booklet will be displayed legal process actually began in the Balfour Declaration of 1917, which defined, succinctly, the purpose of the establishment of the Jewish state. The League of Nations (1922) to approve the document “Mandate for Palestine”, gave it the official seal of international law. “Mandate for Palestine” was a legal document binding the British mandate to provide all the information and means to establish a Jewish state in Palestine.

The New Israel Fund and the BDS Campaign

An overview of the activities of executives of the New Israel Fund and organizations funded by it that demonize Israel and the use of similar rhetoric by international organizations in their campaigns to boycott Israel

Israel under Supreme Court Rule

A position paper of the “if you will” on the subject of the Supreme Court. The position paper describes the tools developed High Court, contrary to internationally accepted judicial doctrine, to assume powers not him. And outline ways for the return of Israeli parliamentary democracy, as it was before the era of “judicial activism.”

The Independence Haggadah

Independence Haggadah is designed to provide content for independence by restoring the historical process that led to the declaration of independence and the creation of the reader feeling as if the present Declaration.

This is similar to the Passover story that recreates the exodus from Egypt and directed that all Jews will see himself as if he came out of Egypt. As the Passover Haggadah designed to address the question of the son, “What is this night different?”, The Haggadah Independence trying to sum up the meaning of political freedom, and who often tell how to achieve it the better.

The process of consolidating the state is not yet over and we have to direct our lives in light of the vision left to fulfill. The purpose of the Haggadah is therefore to provide a framework family and community to be united for independence of national historic significance and spiritual, and channeling the celebrating people and the process that led to the establishment of the state.