A Great Anniversary Awaits!

In June 2017, Jerusalem will celebrate the 50th anniversary of its reunification. Once again, Jerusalem has emerged as the eternal Jewish capital and the spiritual capital of the world, welcoming people of all faiths to practice freely.

Im Tirtzu has teamed up with Sharon Gabay, the internationally renowned photographer of Jerusalem, to create a breathtaking photographic celebration of the world’s most unique city and the amazing array of its diverse inhabitants.

Jerusalem Now & Forever features a collection of fifty photographs that, without text, speak volumes about the great things that a unified Jerusalem under Jewish sovereignty has brought: tolerance, co-existence, mutual respect and freedom of religion.

Following its inauguration at the Israeli Knesset, Jerusalem Now & Forever will be exhibited throughout the world in 2017, the year of the anniversary, offering people everywhere the opportunity to see the beauty of the city for themselves.

Come be a part of this historic celebration!

For further details and to find out how you can bring the exhibit to your city, please contact Eytan Meir: eytan@imti.org.il

photo-credit-sharon-gabay-1 photo-credit-sharon-gabay-3 photo-credit-sharon-gabay-5