About us

Im Tirtzu (IMTI) is the largest grassroots Zionist movement in Israel.

Since its founding in 2006, IMTI has had a major impact on Israeli society, both in its role as the leading pro-Israel voice on Israeli campuses and in combating anti-Zionist threats to Israel from within the country.

Over the years IMTI has earned a reputation for serving as a mirror of Zionist values to Israeli society. Whether it is on campuses, with its 15 branches nationwide, in the media, or in the halls of the Knesset, IMTI is recognized and respected for its dedication and work on behalf of Zionism and Jewish democratic values in Israel.

IMTI has been particularly effective in unmasking and exposing various threats to Zionism and Israel by thoroughly researching the extensive funding of anti-Israeli NGOs by European governments and the New Israel Fund.

In addition, IMTI is known for its acclaimed Seminars for Zionist Thought, the largest pro-Israel extra-curricular academic program on Israeli campuses, as well as its embrace of non-Jewish Israeli minorities that support the State of Israel.