Ultra-Orthodox Community Must Participate in National Service

Matan Peleg Advocates for Haredim Involvement in Recruitment to Protect the Jewish People

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Matan Peleg, chairman of the ‘Im Tirtzu’ movement, calls for the inclusion of the ultra-Orthodox (Haredim) community in Israel’s national recruitment law, emphasizing the shared responsibility of protecting the Jewish people. Peleg passionately argues that it is unfair for many fathers to be separated from their families for extended periods, while mothers are left to raise children alone due to conscription requirements.

Peleg asserts that the Haredim are not only expected to participate in national service but will indeed do so, as their involvement is crucial for the nation’s security. Despite his general support for the government, Peleg stands against recent votes that exempt a significant number of Israelis from conscription during wartime.

He stresses that it is essential not to abandon those who are currently serving and protecting the Jewish people living in Israel. Peleg’s call to action highlights the importance of unity and shared responsibility in safeguarding the nation, advocating for the active participation of the ultra-Orthodox community in national defense efforts.

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