Hadas Dubrawsky, IMTI director of international relations, discusses the importance of Jerusalem Day

Im Tirtzu’s Director of International Relations discusses the march’s significance and its role in reinforcing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

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Hadas Dubrawsky, Director of International Relations for Im Tirtzu in Jerusalem, addresses concerns about potential tensions from the upcoming march. “No, I don’t believe it risks stirring up tension,” she says. “This march is about showing the world that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and the Jewish people. Fifty-seven years ago, we fought for this during the Six-Day War.”

Dubrawsky emphasizes the march as a response to those who deny Israel’s connection to the land, asserting, “This is our homeland, and we won’t just give it to anybody else.” She notes the heightened sense of Zionism among Israelis, especially given the global opposition since the start of the current conflict. “Despite it being a justified war, we are trying to bring our hostages home. People feel this is our only place to go. This is where history has been made, reuniting Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.”

When asked if she will attend the march, Dubrawsky confirms, “I will. You can catch me there.”

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