Standing Strong: Tel Aviv University Rallies Against Anti-Zionist Defamation

Im Tirtzu Movement Leads a Patriotic Stand Against Misinformation and Terror Support

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In a powerful demonstration of unity and patriotism, members of the Im Tirtzu movement, alongside students and faculty from Tel Aviv University, gathered to counter the defamatory claims made by anti-Zionist students and supporters of terrorism. The opposition group had been spreading accusations of massacres and extermination in Gaza, particularly in Rafah.

Deputy director of Im Tirtzu, Shai Rosengarten, passionately addressed the crowd, reminding them of the recent barrage of rockets from Rafah that forced thousands of university students into shelters. “This is absurd,” Shay declared. “We are not ready to accept this. These scenes might be common at universities in the United States, but this is Tel Aviv University, in the Jewish state. We will not stand for this.”

The demonstration saw a diverse turnout, including families of hostages, influencers, students, and faculty members, all united under the Israeli flag. Shay emphasized the importance of being vigilant about campus activities and urged everyone to show their patriotism and defend their country. “Pay attention to what is happening on the campuses, in your immediate surroundings, and join in waving the Israeli flag. Don’t give up because this is our country,” he concluded

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