Dr. Gadi Taub analyzes what is happening in American universities

Dr. Gadi Taub analyzes what is happening in American universities, and is not surprised by the pro-Hamas Progress demonstrations As far as they are concerned, the oppressed can do whatever they want and they will never pay the price.

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In recent years, there has been growing concern over what some perceive as a significant ideological shift in American politics, tracing back to the tenure of former President Barack Obama. The sentiments expressed by individuals like Schlomo Vineri reflect a deep-seated belief that the Obama administration represented a departure from traditional American values. Vineri’s remarks reflected a sentiment shared by many who saw the administration’s policies and actions as diverging from the principles upon which the United States was founded. This sentiment has persisted and intensified over time, as evidenced by recent events, including the response to Hamas-related demonstrations on US campuses.

The notion that the world is divided into oppressors and oppressed, with the latter granted impunity for their actions, has been propagated into academia for more than half a century. Edward Said’s teachings, which reflect these postcolonial ideologies and undoubtedly influenced Obama in his years studying under Said, have given cause for concern about the direction of American politics and foreign policy.

The portrayal of Hamas as a victimized entity, despite its documented history of violence and terror, reflects a broader narrative wherein power dynamics overshadow moral clarity. The criticism directed at those who oppose Hamas highlights the complexities of navigating ideological landscapes where moral relativism and identity politics often take precedence.

Taub attempts to make order of the thought process under post-colonial rule, where the oppressed have license to anything and be blamed for nothing, where atrocities against humanity can be excused under the guise of “freedom fighters.” Taub posits that what the world is seeing on campuses across the world, the active denial and excusal of genocide across media, has been ushered because of the woke have convinced the masses to believe that “powerful = evil” and everything to fight against the powerful is justified.

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