Rafah: The Crucial Frontier in Israel’s Battle for Victory

The only reason to hold a hostage deal is if we decide that we are losing the war. But if we want to win, we have to go into Rafah! Both to send a message to our enemies and to send a message to America with the reminder that 70 percent of Americans are waiting for Israel to enter Rafah

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In a passionate plea, the urgency for action is underscored as concerns over a potential hostage deal loom large. The writer asserts that resorting to such a deal signals a surrender, a dire option only justified if defeat is accepted as inevitable. Instead, the call to arms is clear: reclaim control in Rafah, starting with seizing the Philadelphia Corridor. Failure to act not only weakens Israel’s stance against threats from Hezbollah and Iran but also defies the support of over 70% of Americans for Israeli intervention in Rafah. With the Biden Administration’s stance favoring Hamas survival and hostile forces watching closely, the imperative for Israeli victory is unmistakable.

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