Shani Louk’s grandmother response to the photo of her granddaughter’s death: “The world is silent”

Shani Louk, a 22-year old lover of music, was murdered on October 7th and has been held captive in Gaza since. Her grandmother responded to seeing the photo capturing Shani’s body being awarded with the title of “Photo of the Year.” Her response is one everyone must hear!

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My dead granddaughter stars in a photograph that won a prestigious photography competition,
And the world is silent!!
The body of my granddaughter, after she was brutally murdered and transported to Gaza as a sign of victory, is on display for all to see.
And the world is silent!!
My granddaughter’s body, after the vile murderers broke her bones so she could get into the back of the van, this body that was just a few hours ago full of life, love, and light. It is cast as a triumphant trophy for terrorists and vile photographers.
And the world is silent!!
My beautiful, dead granddaughter, was surrounded by three bloodthirsty murderers. This is the heroic picture chosen first place in a prestigious photography competition. And the world is silent.
And I’m crying out maybe???
And when did a picture of a corpse win an award in the history of photography?
And how much more pain can we endure?
Three men shouting “Allahu Akbar,” one vile photographer and my shattered granddaughter.
And the world is silent.
And the world is silent.
And the world is silent.

We are no longer Jews with trembling knees, led to slaughter! No one will profit off our pain any longer! Demand justice from the Missouri School of Journalism and the Associated Press! Add your name to the petition here

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