Im Tirtzu Deputy Chair Condemns Prof. Kiburkian’s Outrageous Denial of October 7th Events

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In recent days, discourse at the university has reached a boiling point following controversial statements made by a lecturer, Professor Kiburkian. The aftermath of these statements rippled through WhatsApp groups and circulated widely via videos, exacerbating existing tensions among students.

A gathering ensued, with students from opposing sides congregating in a forum. Matters escalated as students resorted to symbolic gestures, such as sitting on the floor with black masking tape covering their mouths, while singing the Palestinian national anthem.

In response, members of the Im Tirtzu movement and independent students refused to remain silent, engaging in a symbolic battle of anthems by singing “HaTikvah” and chanting “Am Israel Chai.” Their actions aimed to assert national pride and reaffirm their presence in the country, amidst growing unrest.

Expressing disappointment in the lack of university leadership presence during the incident, students felt abandoned and isolated. Despite the absence of higher authorities, both Im Tirtzu and independent students pledged to take action, emphasizing the importance of addressing such controversies and refusing to remain silent.

Lior Cohen, a student at the Hebrew University and member of the Im Tirtzu movement, underscored the need for proactive measures to address the situation, highlighting the imperative of not overlooking or dismissing these incidents.

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