Ben Gurion University Students Protest Against Terrorism Supporters in Their Midst

Ben Gurion University Students protest: Demanding Accountability for Terrorism Supporters Among Them

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Yesterday (Wednesday), students from Ben Gurion University in Be’er Sheva protested at the entrance to the university against supporters of terrorism who study with them, demanding: “Supporters of terrorism and deniers of the massacre – they will not study with us!”

At the beginning of the month, a nursing student shared a video denying the events of the October 7th massacre. The video shared claimed that the beheading of children, the rape of women and the murder on October 7th was “fake.” In response, the student was brought before a disciplinary committee where she received a reprimand and only 40 hours of volunteering.

Following the decision of the disciplinary committee, university management filed an appeal to the disciplinary committee demanding that the student receive a more severe punishment.

In a statement responding to the committee: “The administration of Ben-Gurion University strongly condemns the way in which the student addressed the horrific massacre of 7/10 on social networks. There is no place for the spread of “fake news” by anyone from the university community… The university is having a hard time accepting the lenient sentence. Despite the complete trust in the members of the disciplinary committee, the university intends to file an appeal and request a more severe punishment.”

Yehudit Ben Shoshan, head of the “Im Tirtzu” student club, and a student at the university responded: “We chose to hold the demonstration to support the university and make sure that students who support terrorism and deny the massacre do not study with us! Supporters of terrorism and those who dance on the blood of our loved ones, can not sit with us in class!

Beyond that, it is important for us to raise awareness in the students – so that they know who is sitting next to them in class. The hope is that the disciplinary committee will understand the mistake it made and expel the student who supports terrorism.”

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